The Beginning And End Of.....

The day I met him, touched him;
Felt him inside my head all the time,
I knew as soon as I saw that angel,
That he were meant to be just mine!

Those brown, dancing eyes;
A fire glowed in them,
Their gaze so intense,
It just left me overwhelmed!

That dark, shiny hair;
An unkempt mess of curls,
Oh! How I wished to run my hand through them,
And let the mystery unfurl!

Those red, luscious lips;
A full bloomed rose they resembled,
I only dreamt to kiss them,
But when I tried I trembled!

That powerful yet sweet baritone;
When he spoke he seemed to sing,
And so mesmerizing it would be,
The rest of the world would reduce to nothing!

That cute, infecting smile;
That he would bestow on me so sheepishly,
I’d be lost in its magic,
Instantly reaching out to him so foolishly!

That robust, muscular body;
Any girl would want to embrace,
A hint of that strange musky smell…

YES! He was in love with someone else,
And I just couldn’t see,
So blind I was in his love that,
The truth seemed too far from me!

So depressed, so hollow, so sad,
So blue, so dejected, so lost;
I had just let go of the person
I had loved the most!

The last thing I know,
I stood in front of the mirror,
A single tear rolled down my right cheek,
As I pulled the trigger!


ASHISH said...

gr888 kri

creation chaos said...

hmm.. dat was expected since its cumin from u.. tum kabhi meri burayi karbhi sakte ho???

ASHISH said...
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J said...

well am speechless...

especially knowing my orientations, I need not say that I loved it....lol

on a srs note, kind of liked the description of a girl's dream guy. Though, mind you, you are aiming too high.....can't think of anyone but me fulfilling all the criteria.

creation s said...

hehehe.. u kno very well who fills the criteria..

i jst hope the last 3 paras never come tru..

tho wat i write .. has a tendency to do just xactly da..
has hpnd with me 4 times in the past..
wat i wrote.. came tru.. so. i was rlly scared wen this one got completed..

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

hehe....gud one yaar...esp the twist in d end,caught me off guard...thought it'd be like any other poem by a girl who's fantasizing about her dream guy...but it did turn out to be more creative than that!!! :)

creation s said...

dats how it started off..
a girl fantasisng bout his dream guy..
but then.. i got bored by all the mushy- mushy talk.. n thot..
bas!! bahut ho gaya!!
let it end!!
i get fed up of such things very easily!!

ShantanuDas said...

Awww na nanaa na Do not pull that trigger... there are always second best available around you.....


Creation said...


Who cares for guys.. they're all the same... I wrote this one as achallenge.. a very good friend of mine said i can't write 'romantic' stuff.. so i started with that..
but then of course i got bored and killed the girl.. :P

ShantanuDas said...

HAHA! acchha kya!!!!

Hey this is same Kriti who was dying to apologise to her friend??