The way it got to be,
It can never be to me,
Oh life!
I can never be too sure,
If I really wanna see some more,
Of my life!

It pains me,
When I see you,
It pains me, yeah!
Even when I think of you,
It pains me even more
when you call me,
To apologize,
For what you never did!

Can you mend my broken heart?
Could it be a new start
Of my life?

I was wrong,
What happened was all my fault
So, don’t blame yourself,
And don’t claim my heart,
’Coz I lost it to you,
But since now we’re apart,
N no more each other’s better halves

But then,
I didn’t know what I was doing,
I didn’t know that it could ruin,
My life!

Wo-oh life!
The way it got to be,
It can never be to me,
My life!

No matter, if we’re apart,
Deep down in my heart,
You’ll always be with me,
’coz you’re my life!!


arunima said...

wow!! thats some poetry!!
really u kno u barely wirte any kinda poetry coz its not my style n i seldom lyk poems...but this one seemed straight from the heart...good job n keep goin!

creation chaos said...

umm.. well.. if u rlly wanna see some poetry then chk out my other poems..
this one is the lyrics of a soong that i composed...
if u liked this one then chk out 'the beginning and end of..'.. m sure ull lyk dat too..

Alexfox said...

well done very well written

Alexfox said...

very well though of and pesentation of argument

J said...

The "Kreator" at its best....

loved it....especially the underlining theme of the poem....at places the rhythm seemed to be breaking down but well, as a song, it will rock...
Really looking forward to more Didi.