Never Shy Once Bitten....

well, this is one of my poems that i cud not undrstand myself.. if someone does.. plz take out a bit of time to xplain it to me..

Somewhere deep inside me,
An innocent little girl resides,
A visionary, she’s aspiring to spread
Her wings far and wide,
Dreams big, yet content with what she has,
By her morals and ethics she abides.

Somewhere deep inside me
Cryptic, concealed she stays,
Living in an illusion,
Gaining strength from sun’s rays,
Prod her, you’ll regret it,
She’s an enigma, a blaze!

Somewhere deep inside me,
In the vast ocean of imagination she swims,
Producing a distinct world altogether,
With her illicit fancies and whims,
She lies, hoodwinks and deceives,
Living life just on the brim!

Somewhere deep inside me
A devil with alien, exotic desires,
Try to understand her, you wouldn’t,
She’s the naked truth, a strong satire,
Odious, obnoxious. She’s offensive.
Devastating her foes is what she desires!

Somewhere deep inside me
Is the dark truth hidden,
Each word embedded in my mind
With bloody memories its written,
You say- “once bitten, twice shy”,
I say- “never shy once bitten”


J said...

kind of sketches out a vivid picture of a grl's desires......and thots

also brings out the rebellion in u, suprsed by d society u want to fly free in her universe
and do things according to her whims and fancies...

creation s said...

thnx.. atleast sum1 reads my blog!!!

garima said...

waise... i kno u well.. but understanding ur feelings.. n ur desires.. ur emotions.. ur thots of urself n the wrld.. is simply too difficult for me to undrstand!!!.

ur wrks are quite imaginative.. n appreciable too (m not praising u only cuz ur my frnd.. u kno m starighforward in sch matters..)

now..as for this poem..
tu kya hai???
i guess i need not say anything bout this one.. coz wat i wanted to write has been already told..
so.. i guess i better not be repetitive!!

J said...

yeah, I read ur blog and hope that will get my salary for that soon....

akshay said...

peoms awesome....
wat a way to xpress....
wat hav u not understood...i simply wonder.....

arunima said...

lovely poem..!
sorry for commenting soo late was kinda stuck
its a ovely poem no doubt i can infer a lot of things from them..
like rebel, uncertainity, insecurity, madness.....duh!, hopes! okie tell me if i am wrong!

creation s said...

i still need to get the jest of the poem..
will tell u if u r wrong wen i do..

Anonymous said...

Ya, simple Kreations!!
U r still a child... but u r a child with eyes.. eyes inside your mind.. that is your problem.

When you have eyes inside ur mind.. u see more than what u r meant to see.. So you see a different world.. and since u don't find it you become a cynic.. and start believing that what u r and where u r is all an illusion...

Ohh that u r an enigma and a blaze we all know from your posts here...

You are but not an enigma to yourself.. you know what u are.. you know you cannot be that in this world.. that is what hurts you...

because u r sensitive u feeel pain for this absence..

Because u r a child outside but a woman inside.. you are all the more in pain.

A husband for you would not be a mere husband.. but a partner.. a traveller with you in your life.. that is the ideal for you..

he would be one who would

Seek no further beyond your heart,
Look deep into your eyes and feel your hurt;
Be the one & only who loves the your passion,
And travel with you in your journey through all season.

Since I am not a poet like you.. pardon me.. but i am sure u got what i meant..