Pure Ecstasy

i wrote this one 2 yrs back.. when i was in 10th.. night before my first board xam.. (which was sst by the way.. dunno wats the use of telling that.. but still. i thot id betr mention..)

my first poem that got published.. it holds a special place in my heart....

The trees are new and washed,
The flowers are all blushed,
The thunder is roaring,
Its sound is deafening,
But none can stop me
From enjoying-
Pure ecstasy!

The filtered raindrops,
From the netted windows,
Of my balcony,
Keep falling on me,
Reminding me of
Pure ecstasy!

The night has fallen,
The land is dark,
The only light- the moon
Is ’fraid of the abrupt crack.
He’s hiding, concealing,
From the sudden attack.
Deliberately missing,
The pleasure of
Pure ecstasy!

The outcome of this sudden attack,
Between nature and her inhabitants,
Mother nature is the winner,
The losers- the residents.
They are hermetic
In their respective dwellings,
Clearly missing,
But not regretting,
Pure ecstasy!

I am the only one.
Single and lone,
But not alone,
As I have with me-
Nature, pleasure,
Exhilaration, gratification,
And to top it all-
The feeling of
Pure ecstasy!

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Anonymous said...

umm well very well written