Give Me Back My Life!!

So difficult it is
To pour my heart out,
So difficult it is
To get over that nostalgic bout,
Of feelings so strange
I don’t even understand,
Of thoughts that pull me back
And won’t ever let me stand!

Pulling me back, is their
Enormous magnetic force,
I fight them, cry, shout,
Until my voice turns hoarse,
Still I’m pulling,
Trying to break free,
I am not my thoughts
I am just- ME!!

Letting yourself pulled,
Getting drowned in memories,
So easy to let them overtake you
Making the time freeze,
Like a little boy lost
Flying kite in the gentle breeze,
You tell me- “Its nothing, you’re happy!”
What! Oh! Pah-leez!

I know what I’m doing,
I’m positive, I’m right,
You don’t know me inside out,
You haven’t seen my plight.
Don’t tell me what to do,
Let me be, let me fight
My soul’s weeping, crying,
To move towards that ray of light!

All through this time, I’ve let you
Control me, my life,
Memories are all I have,
Memories- so rife,
My mind’s lost in a struggle,
A conflict of thoughts, strife,
Leave me alone, let me be,
Give me back my life!


J said...

really well written....nice flow and rhythm.....tho sumhow sounded a hell lot like your other poems.....

Nishi v2.2 said...

nicely crafted! Reminded me of myself somehow!

Nice blog:)

creation s said...

oh thnx a lott nishi..
if i can make my readers feel themselves connected to me.. i guess its the biggest compliment for me..


creation s said...

n as for u j..

ill try to come up with sumthin different next tym..
thats a promise..

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

must say....really gud...the way u've managed to articulate those ironies of life and the conflicts within us that torment us each day ... u seem way too old for a 17 yr old ;)
N hey just noticed that u have my link put up on ur blog...thx fr readin and recommending...
Though i'm really amazed at how you reached upto my blog..did some1 recommend it to u??
Newaz...gr8 blog!!! :)

creation s said...


uhhh.. now dat uve mentioned.. evn i dont rmmbr how u reached my blog..

thnx a lot for the encouraging comment..
keep visiting.. :)

love kreation said...

heyy kriti
nice poem...
do u really need ur lyf back???
if so then.....
hahahaha just kidding

creation s said...

yes!! i need my life back!!

also... wats wid the name..
u dont evn comment on my blog.. aur naam toh dekho!!