all's well that ends well..

ahh.. ..well.. luks lyk i wont delete my blog aftr all..
there WERE some misconceptions that got cleared...
so no panga now..
thnx a lot to all those.. (ok.. there were just 3!!! du uh!!..) who felt that i shudnt delete it...
n for the others.. I DID NOT XPECT THIS..!!! 'sob'
chal koi nai yaara.. as i said.. 'all's well that ends well'..
sab kuchh changa ho gaya..
so... no panga!!


J said...


waise hua kya tha?

creation s said...

to that.. ive to say just this...

love kreation said...

ahem ahem
delete nahi kar rahe..
badiyaaaaaa hai

creation s said...

'some' ppl didnt want that..
so.. i too decided against it..

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

i have seen a lot of controversies come up when one starts blogging ,and sometimes it feels like ppl have started noticing every word that one writes here ...and naturally so, they sometymes tend to take the meaning which was never intended...
newaz ,whateva was the misunderstanding in ur case - i can only say -keep writing regardless of what ppl say ,after all its ur blog and u have the right to work it out in ur own way!! :)

creation s said...

ahh.. the misunderstandings were not regarding my blog..
it was sumthin else.. n i was too stupid to be affected by all dat..
but this tym.. no matr wat hpns.. m not going to delete it..