Feedback Required


I have to write a short piece on gender discrimination in public transportation for Metro Now, a Delhi based newspaper. Kindly opine on the following:-

Should seats be reserved for women in modes of public transportation, specifically the Metro and buses? Why/why not?

Please mail your replies to anubhav.p16@gmail.com


Anubhav Pradhan


Anonymous said...

In the the quest for gender equality men and woman should be treated as equals. Woman are no different to us in our abilities. Seats should be reserved for the elderly and disabled because they need it more. But be a gentleman I kindly give your seat should you see a lady standing next to you

Kiran Sawhney said...

I guess yes they should be reserved for women, kids, senior citizen, physically challenged.

hammy said...

Well, what happened to this piece finally? Is it posted somewhere I can read?

Creation said...


This was not my project. Anubhav is my senior who posted this on my blog to get some feedback. I don't have any clue if this piece saw the light of the day or not.
Will ask him and get back to you..
Thanks for visiting.