When I say- Oh! I am fine!
I want someone 
To look me in the eyes
And say- tell the truth!

When I say- I don’t care!
I want someone
To shake me up
And ask- What’s bothering you?

When I say- I hate that guy!
I actually mean- 
I am hopelessly in love with him

When I say- I am not at all romantic,
All I mean is-
I hope someone loved me too

When I sigh,
And say- Ok! I’ll do it!
I want you to understand-
I am human too!

When my insides are burning,
And yet there’s a smile on my face,
I just want you to 
Hold me close,
Hug me tight,
And say- it’ll be alright! 


Prakhar said...

Sweet one...love is all we crave for...I too wish for that someone :)

When I say- I hate that guy!
I actually mean-
I am hopelessly in love with him**

sach me?..yeh to ekdum rare times hoga ??

Creation said...

umm.... yeahh.. kinda..

Nishi said...

And this is WHY my darling they say its difficult to understand women!..hehe

Smoke On!

P.S.:I wanted to say Nice post..but just read ashish's blog so thought of writing smthn different :P

Creation said...

@ nishi


M glad you didn't say "nice post"..


Anonymous said...

This may not be one of your better, but it does carry a powerful message. The inner conciseness within all of us, that desires to be loved and understood. I think is message is simple yet has a deeper meaning that makes me identify with it.
Ty Ampla

Creation said...

@ Ampla..
The eternal optimist!

Admit it.. this one's stupid..

Just kidding!


shash said...

When anyone writes somethin too private (by private i mean thots that are reserved for urself only), there's a difference between wanting people to know what u think (or a certain person to know what u think) and expressin it in a way where its interpreted as somethin obvious from the script but only u know that u meant somethin else entirely.. wonder wat u intend to portray, but it does leave an impression!
n oh, i dont mean this post, i meant it for ur about me on orkut!

Creation said...

@ Shash..

that 'about me' is just a random collection of thoughts...
I had no intention to portray anything specific..

AP said...

Sometimes, silence can be better than the most acute analysis...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Creation said...

@ AP


@ Anonymous

I can reply to the comments on my blog. thank you very much but this was NOT needed.
and as for the comment on my post.. well.. thnx...

PS- do drop ur name the next time you visit the blog

shash said...

U oughta read the last lecture by randy pausch..i've been publicizing it big time..but hey, definitely worth a read..if poss, download the video..u'll know wat i meant..

Creation said...

@ shash

Alright. Will do so.

Kartz said...

A fine piece of poetry. Loved the last stanza...

Greetings. First time here.


anu said...

hey kriti....its super true...
sometimes happens vid everyone...

C R D said...

woah gal...even though everyone feels what u wrote sometime or the other..and though these are very common feelings, i have to appreciate u for the way u put them in words.

allow me to add :P

sometimes, when i dont receive her calls,
i wish she had tried one more time

J said...

When I say- I don’t care!
I want someone
To shake me up
And ask- What’s bothering you?

could relate to it completely......nice poem....tho felt mayb i hav heard the idea somewhere earlier too...

When I say, the poem is just ok
All I mean is
among the diamonds of ur poetry
this one is just gold......

Creation said...

@ J..

yes, you must have.
The first para pf the poem is not mine. I read it somewhere.. and thats what gave me the idea to write this.

When I say, the poem is just ok
All I mean is
among the diamonds of ur poetry
this one is just gold......"

*Grinning from ear to ear*

LOL. thanks for leaving a comment.. umm.. after what.. a year?

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

now that m commenting i dont intend to mar the enthu of ur sycophantic readers... so wont say nething against this poem...not that my not sayin can be construed as me "hating" it ...even if it does, u mean what i mean when i say - "i hate this post" !!!;)

all that i care abt rite now is dat m so jealous of ur blog...so many commentators!!! pheww!!!! :P

Creation said...

@ Ayush..
you are right, even if you say you hate it (and even if you secretly mean it as well!) I won't blieve a word of it!

Anyways. welocme back!
Hope to see you around now that "nau so choohe khake billi haj to chali"...

Lol.. CAT... get the drift?

hammy said...

I guess this explains why women are hard to understand.

The meaning of words and phrases depends on
1. The dictionary meaning
2. The situation
3. The things that happened over the day/ week/ even year
4. Her whim
5. A dream she had the night before
6. A previous conversation she had with someone you don't know
7. Some TV show/ movie she watched or read about
8. Her perception of what people perceive about her and what they should

It's increasingly plain that there are more factors at play here.