Magificence of Existence*

Veils of dark clouds,
Prevailing to blinding nights,
I dare not go.
Why should I?
Where howling wolves
Of lost distance
Nights rise.
Lies- evil with black tormented lives
With bloody red eyes
And liquid green skins.
With frowns of sadness
As if evil missed life themselves.
In that ecliptic night with twinkling stars they await me
With open eyes to end that dreadful life
That I live
Sandwiched between glass and steel and life itself,
I look into the height
Of the night
And see no Gods cry at my being,
But I see beauty,
Beauty of the dark night
With sparkling skies and shy moons
A question poses itself
Should I leave such beauty?
Beauty of the night,
Beauty of life itself
If worth ending it all,
Accepting the out-stretched arms of evil
I shall live life like a knight
With no fear of the night,
Or of life itself.

* Donated by Ampla Naidoo to keep the blog alive as apparently I am in no fit mental state to write something.


J said...

As if evil missed life themselves....
absolutely beautiful....thought provoking.....a gem...
simply loved it....

And see no Gods cry at my being.....
at some point or the other in our lives...we all face such a situation. Could relate to the thought-process....mind wrangling with itself...whether to do it or not....trying to picture what it would be like......and when you are all decided....you fall in love with the beauty of life all over again....may be this dilemma in itself is the beauty of life.....watever it may be.....
I shall live life like a knight

creation said...

Thank you for choosing to comment on this one rather than my poem...

I thank thee..

and no.. I don't mean it sarcastically.

Anonymous said...

Im so over whelmed by comments of a poem.
its my first poem i wrote.
thank your for your kind words

Kartz said...

Brilliant. Period.

There is this surreal beauty that I find in darkness.

In some ways, I relate this with one of mine:

Anonymous said...

I agree with you the is beauty in darkness. (even though darkness is associated with evil normally) , I think it has to do with our fears of the unknown, that darkness has been tagged with such a metaphor.

Anonymous said...

I love it. I can relate. Glad U have talent. Love ya my friend.

Anonymous said...

It seems that you love the dark side of life. :)