As I Burn

Those sifting clouds

And their shifting shapes,

Like flames high up in the sky

Lit by the sunlight,

Struggling to survive, about to die.

The darkness, the shadow

Creeping over- stealthily, silently,

Consciously staying away

From the last of the flames,

That burn astray.

The last of the life

Slowly moves,

Towards the last ray of hope

Their lives entwined,

Like a knotted rope.

The smoke that rises

From my ashes,

Ascends in spirals

From the grave of my dreams,

Of all unspoken desires.

As I burn...

As I burn...


Aakash Aggarwal said...

well..nice work maam. For a poet surroundings are similar to the emotions within. This is an example. I am impressed.

Charnita said...


was going through your recent posts and as I read it forstered my first instinct into a firm belief...


"you write really well"

take care!

Aniket said...

Oh I want to say beautifully written, but I know where this is coming from. You can still live those unspoken desires. Just take the leap.

You shall be triumphant, just follow the light, follow the light, follow the light...

Creation said...

@ Aakash

You won't stop linkng everything to that specific matter, eh? But you are, of course, very correct in pointing out that no matter what the poet is writing about, it's always his/her emotions that are at play.
I'm glad you liked it.
Thanks you for droppping by.
Keep visiting.

Creation said...

@ Charnita

Boy! Am I glad to see you here! Thank you for appreciating my work. It is this encouragement from gracious souls as yourself that keeps me going.

Thank you so much visiting.
Take care.

Creation said...

@ Aniket

Well, nope... nobody knows where this is coming from. I think I have a vague idea of what you are relating this to. But just to clear the confusion, I'd like to send you an e-mail coz it's not something I can explain here. I would really appreciate it if you would leave your e-mail address when you visit the blog next time.

But yes, it's one of the promises I've made to myself and I will take the leap... will follow the light, follow the light, follow the light....

Aniket said...

Awesome! you've made my day... great way to start a morning.

And as long as you are taking the leap I don't need any explanations.

But still in case you want to holler anything on me its aniket.thakkar@gmail.com


Creation said...

@ Aniket

You're always logged in!

Thank you for the id, though I've droppped the idea of writing to you now... considering that you sound so cheerful. Wouldn't want to ruin your morning.

Have a nice day.

Aniket said...

Don't sweat. My cheerfulness will vanish as soon as I'll step into my workstation. :-D

You are in college and you are up this early... shame on you!

I never woke up before noon, while I was in college.

Aniket said...

And yup am always logged on... so go figure my social life. :)

Creation said...

Yes, I can very well imagine how your social life would be... similar to mine of course! ;-P

My exams begin from 8th of April and I had decided to finally start studying.. but the blogger in me can't really stay away from the internet for long and when the notes are all available online who would want to stay away! :P

Have a beautiful day.
I hope you stay cheerful all through the day.

C R D said...


Raunaq said...

you don't know whether it's all that important.but you'll soon find out.
leave whatever you were holding and let it go, right now.
breathe in a new day.without your stranded memories.
breathe in.for you hold within you,what they can't see.
make your changes static.make your changes feel.
make place for a new beginning.make your changes real.

Raunaq said...

Your "K(C)reations" are really a lucrative one.

Take care.

Creation said...

@ Chris


Creation said...

@ Raunaq

Wow! You wrote that?
Quite inspiring.

Thank you for dropping by.
Keep visiting.

Amit Khandelia said...

nice thought !! good work..

Creation said...

@ Amit

Thank you.
Keep visiting.

Abhijeet !! who else ? said...

Seems you lost your faith;
and you lost yourself;
and there is nothing left.
As you Burn.....
Deep inside of you

anu said...

i guess this is one of ur best poem...i loved it..
keep it up.
take care!

Creation said...

@ Abhijeet

Naah... I had just had a sutta... and there was smoke all around.

@ Anu

Thank you so much darling!!

ShantanuDas said...


Creation said...

@ Shantanu

Erm, that's all?

No page long comments like the ones for Amritorupa?

*sob sob*

But well, I guess your "WOW!!" just denoted that the post left yu speechless... (atleast, I hope it did. Gee!)

Anyways, I'm flattered!

ShantanuDas said...

hehe! It did ! It did!!.. believe me!!.. I write long comments when I can understand....but I keep silent when I feel..

Here I felt...

Creation said...


I'm GLAD you could relate to it! :-)

It made you 'feel'...


That's the biggest compliment any writer/poet can ever recieve.

ShantanuDas said...


ShantanuDas said...

But hey..Kriti ! I read your reply to a comment

"@ Abhijeet Naah... I had just had a sutta... and there was smoke all around."

Hahaha! U r funny here! Gosh! Lolz

Creation said...

@ Shantanu


Well, I'm a human, ain't I?(for now, let us just suppose I am 'cause the scientists who are trying to find an answer to this mystery still haven't figured out anything) And when I get bored of reading super-serious comments to an already serious post, I sometimes decide to just end that chain of seriousness with my unmatched (shit! No one ever taught me any modesty) wit!


Well,no, actually I wrote it coz Abhijeet gets irritated to no end when I mention a 'sutta'. lol.
And it's so much fun to irritate people, isn't it?
w00t w00t!

ShantanuDas said...

Hey Kriti! You too do not sleep or wat lke me??

[hehe... Naaah.. u never heard of modesty it seems !!]hahaha

ShantanuDas said...

ohh ohh.. looks like an exam is going on....so you are awake studying.. mighty good luck for tomorrow or whenever is the next one.....and the next & the next... ...


Creation said...


I DO sleep but at weird times... generally at times when it irks my mother the most. :P

And thank you so much for the wishes.. i happen to have just three exams left and you've actually wished me thrice.. coincidence.. hmm...

And I am definitely not awake coz I'm studying or anything.. I'm just generally a night person...
Next exam is on 17th, by the way. So, I'll start studying at 6 p.m. on 16th April, 2009. :-)

Creation said...

and well, can i please have your e-mail address? I'd like to send you an invite to my 'other' blog... it is comparatively new.. just a day old... but I'll definitely update it regularly.

And.. psst psst.. dont tell anyone.. it's a secret! ;-)

ShantanuDas said...

hehe!!.. ahh.. so dat's it.. weirdo.. one more.. mb one reason why littlegal collected you? I see ur have that word on ur blog -weirdo counter---..

3 exams only left? really s coincidence huh? ..or mb not.. who knows? sometimes I say I have 6th sense.. LOL.. mb this is one of those?

I too used to study only on the night bfr.. in fact I used to tell the guy next room in my hostel to slip his notebook under my door. when he sleeps.. s I can read 4m his notes.. he used to study till 10 pm then neatly go to sleep.. and i used to wakeup to study .till exams time next day.. and then go vomit..it out.. feel relieved and come back to enjoy again...

Creation said...

hehe.. perhaps... I am, and I've been told this numerous times... quite, quite weird... in fact, me and a dear friend of mine pride ourselves in being the epitome of weird-ness. So much so, that we have coined and defined the word 'weirdness'. It didn't exist pehle. :-P

yup.. 3 exams left.. and then I'll be free.. And well, I never really believed in coincidences... so let's just agree to your sixth-sense theory. :-)

I've realised that that is the best way to study. I can never remember things for more than a day... and hence an all-nighter before the exam is what works best!

ShantanuDas said...

Ya! when we don't rbr for more than one day why tax thw brain eeh??

lolz.. but I saw one disadvantage later..
......I could not remember anything later.. that is.. sigghhhhh...

Creation said...

Alrighty! I've mailed the invite and deleted the comment, just as you'd requested.

ShantanuDas said...


Creation said...

ROFL! And I used to accuse Aniket for people chatting on his blog!

Well, when you're doing English Literature (as in my case), there is no need to remember anything later, for it's all bullshit! Creative, intelligent bullshit! (that's an oxymoron, right?):-)

ShantanuDas said...

ahh... ya true for ur case.. unfortunately i did engg.. so u seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?? hehehehe
but then one does not need to rbr that either!! Lol!!

ya we seem to be chatting r we not?
if u want u can use gtalk if u hv one.. or if yahoo i can send u my yahoo id.. too.. in case some days..or shld i say nights.. ur mind wants to burst.. and is on fire.. and u want to burn someone.. i can offer myself.. :-))

Creation said...

I've sent you an invite on gtalk already... and boy! You last comment sure does sound a hell cheesy!!!

" i can offer myself"?!?!?!

Hahahaha! That is going down as one of the cheesiest 'comments' on Kreation!

Chalo anyways, I'm logging off now. I need to finish a book before my dear family wakes up for then I won't have such solace as I do now. :-)

ShantanuDas said...

eeesssshh! nah nah.. offer as in offering of my mind.. nothing else.. eeesssshhhhh.. eeesssh...

but btw I do like Cheese!! Yummy!