Why do I not want to see?

Why am I refusing

to acknowledge the truth?

Why did I not recognise

that, it is, perhaps,

a little too soon?

Why am I so helpless?

Why can't I forget

and just let go?

Why is it, tell me, 

so difficult, so tough

to just carry on?

There is sunshine, I know,

At the end of every tunnel.

Why, then, is it so dark yet?

Do I not deserve even the moonlight?

Why are these shadows

my only companions?

Where are the signs

of your benign presence?

Where is the peace

that you promised me?

Where is the calm?

Oh! Why can I not see?


Author's note: Do you have any answers?

P.S.: I am hungry and bored.

P.P.S.:  This is not a 'dark, brooding post'. People who think I'm always depressed... let me just tell you that I'm roaring with laughter right now. Such is the tragicomedy of life!



Aniket said...

"Why, then, is it so dark yet?
Do I not deserve even the moonlight?"

Loved the line. Loved the entire piece too.

People who think you are always depressed. Hmm... now whom might you be referring to?? :-) :-)

Am glad you are laughing over this. As for your hunger... Google up domino's for your city. :-)

And well, the light at the end of the tunnel has been removed due to power cuts. Recession you see. :-) :-)

Seriously, there are no answers to them, but a solution. And that, one achieves after experimenting with life. :-) (The philosopher in me has spoken. lolz)

Aakash said...

You know one person has all the answers: you!
Take care

Creation said...

@ Aniket

1) Well... everyone who reads my blog thinks that. :)

2) I'm not much of a pizza person, you see.

3) Ah! I thought they were celebrating the earth hour.

The philosopher in me has understood it well; thank you. :-)

Keep visiting.

Creation said...

@ Aakash

Yes, yes! That is precisely why I was laughing.
The tragicomedy of life...

(Boy! I love saing that!)

Thank you so much for visiting. I have blogrolled you.

Have a nice day.

Creation said...


aupsy said...

ahem ahem ahem.... why so serious!!!

Creation said...

@ Ayush

Lol! I'm laughing out here!!

Abhijeet !! who else ? said...

Yup i do have some explanation for your queries.
But y should i let you know so easilly :P
Your dreams and desires will soon rest in peace.

Creation said...

@ Abhijeet

Tumhe to maine achhe se batana hai..
Tum baat to karo!!!

Why would you let me rest in peace, eh? Why would you tell me anything? You would just sit,
all smug.. while I'm all confused.. and I'll hear a snigger.. and that would turn out to be My Nemesis!!

Agh! I just wish you were here.. I would have..
Oh well.. dunno what i would've done..

Anand said...

:-) Honestly, I enjoyed reading the comments more than the post itself.
It's been long since I visited u last.

Glad ur not the -ve kind.


anu said...

so this is actually u..nd yes i m also searching for some answers related to it..though we knw the answers but how to approach these answers are a mystry..
well expressed
take care :)

Creation said...

@ Anand

Thank you for dropping by. Keep visiting! :)

@ Anu

So we are, dear, so we are...
I cannot tell you how much the chats I have with you influence my thought process... I'm glad to have people like you for friends!
Thank you for visiting.

ShantanuDas said...

All those Why's Why's earlier and then this note!!

"Author's note: Do you have any answers?

P.S.: I am hungry and bored."

Stupid!!You are telling the answer also.. after the question what do we do now??

ShantanuDas said...

Nahh!! had to come back again.. grrr..

Yeh kya Laga rakha hai...??
why why why why!!
And that too you are laughing!!

Yehi hota hai.. if you do not sleep.. your brain got stuck somewhere


Creation said...

@ Shantanu

Hahaha. That is exactly why i was laughing... Nobody knows why i wrote this.. and they'll come with super imaginative ideas and answers and what-not.. Thinking of that made me laugh.. :P

ShantanuDas said...

haha Kriti...I suspect that u r one of those who find it secretly satisfying to read comments on your blogs.. from people who think they have undestood your posts. (proses and poems)..!! hehe

So u see.. that I have not tried to say anywhere much that I have understood you!!

I am just reading and enjoying a cracked person!!

Siya said...

Oh, I wrote a very similar blog post too once. Still have it as a draft..decided against publishing it. And I was not really roaring with laughter then. But, I get the tragicomedy of life! Yeah, well.

Oh, and nice blog!! :)

Creation said...

Ah! Thank you!

Glad you got the tragicomedy thing..