Just another one of those conversations....

Girl: Hey! Hope I didn't disturb you.

Boy: No. Bol.

Girl: Well, how are you feeling now? Any better?

Boy: Haan. Bol.

Girl: Erm, was just wonering if you're coming to college tomorrow.

Boy: Haan. Bol.

Girl: Ah! I'm glad. Atleast someone's coming... you know... 

Boy: Haan. chal bye.


Author's note: The initial plan was to write a long note explaining the context of this post but now I'm just too bored and sleepy, so I'll just leave it at this. Hope you get the point, though.

P.S.: My humble apologies for the lame title. I just couldn't find anything... considering I've just typed this in 5 minutes while the last scene of the movie I was watching is buffering. 


Aniket said...

Good one. :)

Happens all the time. Aur Bol? :) :)

Creation said...

@ Aniket

Yep! Happens friggin' ALL the time!



(no offence to you though) :P

Thanks for visiting.

Little Girl Lost said...

thats ok, i know exactly what you mean...

Creation said...

Little Girl

You got it. GUYS!!


Thanks for visiting.

Aniket said...

None taken! :)

And its not always the case with guys... I've been on the recieving end with a girl on more than once occasions too. But it was all in fun spirit... with conversations ending in..

BOY: The next time I meet you, I'm gonna kill you for sure..

Girl: Jaa Naa... Like am afraid of you or anything! :) :)

Little Girl Lost said...

Kriti :)
thanks for really really really loving my blog... don't curse yourself, its never too late to discover new things...
Please do become a follower... would love to subject you to more dumb posts :)

and yes, i'm following you too, or to put it more darkly, I'LL BE WATCHING YOU .

aupsy said...

ye to fir bhi theek hai...at some point it gets down to :

girl: say something noooo

guy: ummm....

girl: what ummm?

guy: ummm...



Creation said...

@ Ayush

I'm glad this is not happening yet!!