Day 8 of GYABOYB

Day 8: A song to match your mood

What a perfect little treat this!
If only the rest of the tag was as good. 

As it happens, today's a day for irritation. Mum had some altercation with Pop yesterday (usual crap, nothing serious) and she has been irritated since. Then, her tailor ruined a very expensive salwar-kameez and she was even more irritated. Now all this is perfectly normal and I can easily put up with it - her - without losing my cool even though she takes out her frustration on me. I have a Rhino's hide, ha!

But no, things didn't stop at that.  Cherry on top, she was bitten by a centipede this morning and her frustration reached a new high even as her hand swelled to double its size and turned a nasty purple color. When at home, I cannot, umm, let's say, I cannot express myself in a certain way I prefer, and I've been at home for two days straight now. Tempers are building up, frustration is the word of the day, escapist tendencies are setting in. People have, mercifully, called it a day and retired to their respective rooms. Here I am, locked up in mine, listening to


Anonymous said...

GYABOYB is cool. :)

Little Girl Lost said...

Cabin fever!