Day 4 (skipped) and Day 5 of GYABOYB

Day 4 required me to put up my favorite photograph of my best friend. I'm pseudo-suicidal, not dumb. The photograph can be found here. If you can't view it, you're not entitled to... That's kinda the point of private blogs.

Now to Day 5!

Day 5 - A photo of yourself two years ago.

This was easy. all I had to do was go through my facebook profile picture until I found one from two years ago. And here it is -

This was officially the best hairstyle I've ever had, in my entire life!
Ah! Fond memories.

That's it. I'm done for today. See you tomorrow, peeps. (Ha! Who am I kidding. Nobody visits the blog anymore.)


Bluebutterfly said...

umm sorry but I still do...

Ah, I wish I had the guts to get that haircut.. once on my life !!

Creation said...


~sheds tears of happiness and gratitude~

I'm also planning to dye my hair purple, but haven't had the guts yet. It's one thing getting them cut, but scared it might affect the quality with the bleach and the dye.

Ah well, let's see.

where have you been? Long time, no see?

AP said...