Day 3 of GYABOYB

Day 3: Your idea of the perfect first date.

Honestly? This is perhaps the most difficult thing on the list. Not so much because I went through a weird and bitter break-up earlier this year, but more so because I don't think I've been on a date. Ever. To tell you the truth, the very concept is beyond the scope of my understanding. Every time someone asks me about my idea of a perfect first date or about my favorite one, I have to request them to define 'date' for me... and as you may as well have guessed, the results have been rather disappointing. No, I still don't know what a 'date' would essentially constitute and I definitely don't have a 'favorite' or 'ideal' date.

But, if I had to, absolutely had to (in the 'my life depends on this' sort of a way) answer that question, I'd say my favorite 'date' would constitute pulling an all-nighter (you know, coffee, smokes, hot muffins, et al) right before an important paper presentation. Note: I say paper presentation, i.e. a seminar, because let's face it, exams involve cramming. Yes, even when you're doing a post-grad in English Literature. This is India, let's not kid ourselves... but I digress. Exams involve cramming and with the person sitting next to you, focusing on cramming an entire year's worth of crap is fighting an uphill battle.


Just FYI, Day 3! Three continuous posts in three days! *whistles*

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AP said...

Surprisingly, I tell people the same.