Day 1: *Trumpets* (GYABOYB)

And thus, we begin this ordeal brilliant tag which shall hence forth be referred to GYABOYB - Get Your Ass Back On Your Blog.

For Day One- A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was

Photograph? Alright. Makes sense. Here is one that I took a few days ago.
If you're wondering why those glasses are so-friggin-huge (and you should!), it's because they are 3D glasses. I nicked them off when I went to watch, umm, some movie... my memory fails me.

As for how was my day... It was as uneventful a day as possible. Went to college, attended classes (the ones I like to attend, i.e.), spent a couple of hours hanging around the *sutta lane* (fag lane), ****** (can't tell, apologies), had a very lively discussion on Plato's Republic, returned home, slept and woke up after a weird dream.

As I write, I have been asked to refer to MV, who is currently telling me about his weird dreams involving certain professors, overnight stays in toilets, and deer and jackal

That's it for tonight, folks!

P.S.: This is not half as fun as I thought it would be. *grunts*

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