Birthday and Launch (Seven Deadly Sins)

Happy 4th birthday to Kreation!

I'm not going to launch into the long and complicated history this blog and I have shared, nor will I sit down and make a list of why I love it so. All that is self-explanatory. For the last year or so, the blog has been more or less dormant but I have been posting fairly regularly again and I intend on continuing this practice (yes, even if it means replying on excessively nonsensical tags to keep it going).

Four years ago, launching this blog was my first attempt at finding readers who were not my poor classmates bullied into reading and appreciating my (then, and possibly still, crappy) poetry. Now, four years later - and indeed it is so appropriate that this happens on the exact same day as ol' Kreation's birthday -  my first ever published work is out.

Agreed, it is not entirely mine; the anthology Seven Deadly Sins includes short stories by a bunch of talented writers. This endeavour began as a contest by Serene Woods Publication judged by Mithun Mukherjee of De-Scribe - author of Cold Feet and Revenge. The winning entries were compiled into a book and Seven Deadly Sins was born. the book will officially be launched by Guracharan Das of India Unbound fame.

You're all welcome to the launch!

Note: A slight change in schedule... the event starts at 4:30 pm.

Buy your copy of the book here!



happy for u!! :) party :D

Beyond said...

Happy Birthday Kreation!! keep writing, you know and understand how important it is :)

Prakhar said...

Keep writing :)

Thanks for the comment...been busy all these days... but feels good to be back ! :)

CRD said...

Happy Birthday Kreation...Keep writing Kriti

CRD said...


Pesto Sauce said...

Congrats Kriti, really hope your book is a big hit

geek world news said...

happy b'day